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Electric car sales grew by 40% in Norway this year – Electrek

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- Hirdetés -

Norway is the leading market for electric vehicles and it keeps showing the rest of the world how fast electric vehicle adoption can happen.

- Hirdetés -

In 2018, EV sales grew by 40% in Norway and 1 out of 3 vehicles sold in the market was a zero-emission vehicle.

According to the Norwegian Road Traffic Information (OFV) via NTB, out of the 147,929 new passenger cars registered in 2018, 31.2 percent were all-electric vehicles.

If we are adding all plug-in vehicles, it increases to 49.1 percent of the market.

That’s for the entire year, but some months were even higher.

In October, we reported that 45% of new cars were all-electric and 60% were plug-in in Norway.

Øyvind Solberg Thorsen, CEO of the Norwegian Road Traffic Information, said about the 2018 numbers:

“2018 was the year when new passenger cars that go on alternative fuels fortified their strong position in the market […] With this, Norway consolidates itself in the top layer in the world when it comes to selling cars with alternative fuel.”

The Nissan Leaf was the most popular all-electric vehicle in the market.

Tesla also had another good year in the market, which remains its biggest in Europe – though The Netherlands came very close this year.

The American electric automaker delivered 8,623 vehicles in Norway in 2018 – up by 161 units from the previous year.

Solberg Thorsen also noted that the broader auto market declined in Norway and it actually attributes it to people waiting for more electric options:

“We notified a decline, but especially due to the delivery situation for electric cars and the transition to a new measurement method for consumption, the downward trend has been somewhat stronger than expected.”

Earlier this year, we reported that Norway has over 30,000 electric vehicle pre-orders with Tesla Model 3 and the Audi e-tron accounting for most of the reservations.

Norway aims for all new cars to be all-electric by 2025. It’s the most aggressive goal of any market.

Electrek’s Take

This is impressive, but I think the 2019 numbers are going to dwarf those numbers.

The launch of Model 3 in Norway alone is going to give a massive boost to the EV numbers. You add to that the e-tron and the few other EVs hitting the market in 2019 and it’s going to be crazy.

I can see all-electric vehicles hitting close to 70% of total sales in 2019, which would be incredible with no other market even close to that.

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