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Taylor Swift’s Netflix special brings the glitz of her giant tour to your living room – Washington Examiner

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Taylor Swift’s last album “Reputation” sold more than 1 million copies in its first week of release, making it the country’s best-selling album of 2017. She rolled that album’s success into her Reputation stadium tour which broke Billboard records. In the U.S., the tour grossed $266 million and sold more than 2 million tickets, besting The Rolling Stones‘ record.

Now, thanks to Netflix, everyone can watch what a night at Swift’s Reputation tour would have been like.

The Netflix special of Swift’s Reputation stadium tour is a recording of her last night performing in the U.S. It’s an enormous spectacle of what happens when a songwriting powerhouse with millions of dollars and talent at her disposal captures an entire nation of fans in one very large, 105,000-capacity room: She repays them with song after song that includes incredible choreography, gorgeous themed costumes, fireworks, dazzling timed lights, and, of course, her.

The gift of Taylor Swift outshines even the backup singers, dancers, and the giant snake — a reference to that time Kim Kardashian called her a snake in reference to Swift’s feud with Kanye West. At first she wows the audience with a bombastic rendition of “…Ready for it?” Her version of “Dress” is as sexy as ever and the crowd knows “Delicate” so well it’s like they wrote it themselves.

Still, we see plenty of the “old” Taylor — not just in songs like “Style” and “All too well” but in the way she stops every few songs not to whoop and holler but to have what appears like a chat on the couch in front of a fireplace with a few hundred thousands fans: She appears honest and transparent, even though she’s equal parts sweet country girl next door and sexy vixen dancing around in her thigh-high boots.

It’s this dichotomy, coupled with her endless gratitude and transparency (in addition to thanking the backup singers, band, and musicians, she gave homage to the 368 people who set up the stage) that draws men and women alike from ages 10 to 60 to love her. In her they see the ideal girlfriend or friend and in her songs they hear the soundtrack of their lives. At one point, she mentions how she wrote “All too well” about a difficult time in her life and when she released it, it took on a whole different meaning to her because of how much her fans loved it. Whether it’s about friendship, love, or trying to shake off a bad reputation due to unwarranted gossip, Swift touches on themes every single person in the country (or the world) has experienced, even if the songs stem from her own dramatic personal experiences.

Taylor Swift shows with her Reputation stadium tour she is not just the cute kid who captured our hearts with twangy love stories. She is a businesswoman, a showperson of epic proportions, in addition to being a lyrical genius — truly a wunderkind in the world of penning just the right words and creating just the right melody. With this Netflix production, the rest of us can see why millions of people around the world participated in her tour and why she has earned the reputation as one of America’s most talented musicians.

Nicole Russell (@russell_nm) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. She is a journalist who previously worked in Republican politics in Minnesota.

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