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Spider-Man: Homecoming Co-Writer Says Working With Marvel Like Working CIA Or Pentagon | C2E2 2019 – LRM Online

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At this point in the game, Marvel Studios isn’t really a studio that makes individual movies as much as it makes individual episodes in an ongoing series of movies. Sure, the movies themselves are enjoyable as standalones, but in recent years, they’ve relied more and more on the material that came before it, for better and for worse. One such film that relied heavily on the established universe was Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Given how much the universe itself can influence films, and how much these films themselves can influence the universe going forward, things at Marvel Studios are pretty tight in terms of secrecy. I mean, they somehow magically were able to keep the ending of Avengers: Infinity War a secret (if you exclude the semi-reveal Mark Ruffalo gave months before). But what’s it actually like to work there as a creative?

LRM Online recently attended a panel for Freaks and Geeks at this year’s C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois, where the Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s co-writer, John Francis Daley, had a chance to open up about how the studio kept details of the film under wraps.

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“I’m gonna tell you guys everything,” Daley joked. “It’s kinda like going into the CIA and the Pentagon a little bit in that they’re incredibly secretive about it. We had these separate email servers for when we were writing our drafts. Like Hillary (laughs). It was an incredibly secretive process, and understandably so, because it’s got such a huge fanbase and the internet is a dangerous place.”

Though while Marvel Studios was incredibly tight on security, they were very encouraging when it came to the creative process itself.

“But it was so much fun to also have the looseness that we were giving in creating…coming up with which villain he would face, giving him his friend, his sort of sounding board that finds out he was Spider-Man. It’s really a testament to Marvel, because they really do nurture the creative process and allow writers to really let their voice be heard on the page. And you don’t see that very often.”

Of course, at this point, Daley is out of the Marvel universe and, as far as we know, figuring out how to crack the nut that is The Flash…but it does seem like his time on Spider-Man: Homecoming was at least creatively fruitful.

What do you think of Daley’s comments? Let us know down below!

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