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Wayfair to open store in Massachusetts – Turn to 10

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- Hirdetés -

Online furniture seller Wayfair is expanding its physical presence, opening its first permanent mall store later this year in Massachusetts.

Wayfair says its new store will open this fall at the Natick Mall, where it tested a pop-up shop last year. The company also recently opened an outlet store in Kentucky that sells returned furniture.

Boston-based Wayfair said in a news release that it will open four pop-up shops this summer, but declined to say if it will open more permanent stores.

Online retailers like Wayfair have embraced physical stores as a way to boost sales and let shoppers touch and feel products. Online mattress seller Casper, for example, announced plans to open 200 stores in the next couple of years. And online clothing brands Bonobos and Untuckit expect to open more shops, too.

- Hirdetés -

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