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L.A. celebrates National Ice Cream Day – KABC-TV

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day – and what better way to celebrate the treat than at downtown L.A.’s Ice Cream Alley.

Ice Cream Alley features a series of popup vendors at Smorgasburg LA, open every Sunday through Labor Day.

During that time Smorgasburg brings together food trucks, foodies plus vendors selling their goods. To top it off – cool treats of all kinds.

Heather Reyes of Pasadena went with her family to the event. She was treating herself to a violet rose ice cream with flowers on top. Her son Riley got a waffle cone with vanilla ice cream.

“It’s just gonna be a poor parenting day today,” she joked.

Riley didn’t seem to mind, a big smile on his face as he devoured the frozen treat.

Not a bad way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon.

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