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Man arrested in Taylor Swift’s beach house found barefoot, left shoes outside ‘to be polite’ – Yahoo Entertainment

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Being a chart-topping megastar at Taylor Swift’s level has downsides — and we aren’t talking about petty celebrity feuds.

The Lover singer has been plagued with stalker-types, trying to gain entry to her homes from coast to coast — and, thus, get closer to her. One man was successful at breaking and entering into her Watch Hill, Rhode Island, beach house on Friday, but was quickly arrested by local police. Swift was not home at the time.

Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey told the Westerly Sun that 26-year-old New Jersey resident Richard Joseph McEwan broke into the $18 million home after hopping a fence and breaking a door. A motion-activated burglary alarm on the second floor was tripped and police responded — working with Swift’s security detail.

While searching the home, they found an unlocked door and entered, finding McEwan in the foyer. He ran off but was detained after what was described as a brief foot chase. The only injuries sustained were cuts McEwan suffered breaking in.

Speaking of foot — the intruder was found barefoot, police said. A pair of orange shoes were in the doorway where he broke in — by breaking a glass door. He told officers he took off his shoes “because it was polite,” adding that he was raised to “take your shoes off” anytime “you go into someone’s house.

According to police, the intruder’s motivations were clear: He drove from New Jersey to Rhode Island earlier in the day and went into the house “to find Taylor.” He did not have any weapons.

The man has been charged with breaking and entering a home without the owner’s consent and willful trespassing. He was released on a $5,000 surety bond and will appear in Washington County Superior Court for a felony screening. Police were working with the man’s family to get him a psychiatric evaluation.

The police spokesperson noted that this incident was “an unusual case” in the sense that the suspect was found “inside the house. We’ve dealt with a number of complaints at the home since it was purchased” by the star in 2013, “but this is the first I can recall of someone actually making it into the house.”

Other incidents at that house include a crazed man who robbed a bank and then drove to the beach house in 2018, reportedly throwing the stolen cash over the fence to give it to the star whom he had a “crush” on. A few years earlier, a man swam two miles to get to the house to see Swift.

Swift has had similar problems at her homes in NYC and in Beverly Hills. And last year a man was arrested and charged with “interstate stalking” after driving cross-country to deliver letters threatening to “rape and kill’ her.”

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