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Caleb Green’s Voices of Service receive standing ovation for cover of OneRepublic’s ‘Choke’, look to advance to America’s Got Talent final – Russian Machine Never Breaks

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Washington Capitals anthem singer Caleb Green and his vocal group Voices of Service are one successful vote away from making it to the final of America’s Got Talent. Tuesday night, the ensemble closed the semifinals show with a riveting performance of OneRepublic’s “Choke.”

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The group received another standing ovation from both the judges and the Dolby Theatre crowd.


“Wow what a way to end. What a way to end,” a stunned Simon Cowell said. “You know, I’ve said many, many times on this show, that we or any show is nothing without the contestants. Your film reminded us of you, of what you’ve done throughout your lives, which is outstanding. And then on the night that matters, you did the most outstanding vocal we’ve heard from you in the entire series. I know how this much means to you to get into the final and you know what, after that, you deserve to be there. You have my sincere respect. Really amazing”

“I’m blown away. I’m stunned. I’m shocked because it’s so beautiful,” guest judge Queen Latifah said. “Your voices meld together as one so perfectly. I think about my mom telling me when she would have to wake my father out of his nightmares from Vietnam. What you’re doing does have a purpose. It will continue to have a purpose. I hope to see you in the Finals. But irregardless, keep doing what you’re doing because you are saving and changing lives.”

As the show rolled its credits, host Terry Crews asked the group what it meant to be so close to the final. Caleb answered.

“We are really, really excited to continue to give hope and to share our message,” Caleb Green said. “We want to continue to inspire. God bless you for allowing us to have this platform to do it.”

Here’s the original OneRepublic song.

Now it’s up to you to get Voices of Service through. Voting is open from now until 7am Eastern Time. Only five acts will be named to the final Wednesday night during AGT’s results show.

Let’s go Caleb!!

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