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Jake Hager ruins finish to Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin title match – Cageside Seats

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AEW put Darby Allin in a high profile spot this week. Third week on TNT, third main event of Dynamite ever, and challenging for the promotion’s top prize opposite Chris Jericho were just a few of the boxes Allin can now check.

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Booked in a Philadelphia Street Fight, Allin versus Jericho was a mixed bag. Perhaps due to a clash of styles or just the nature of the rule set in play, but this AEW World Championship match was bumpy until the final act.

To both of their credit, when one of Allin’s or Jericho’s spots hit, it brought the Dynamite live crowd back into the match.

By far the best moments of the title matches came after Jericho taped Allin’s hands behind his back.

No hands Darby Allin > two handed Darby Allin?

Without the use of his hands, Allin’s chances of an upset went from small to nonexistent. Despite Jericho having a clear advantage, Jake Hager still ran out to interfere on behalf of his stablemate.

A well timed punch from Hager to Darby Allin, as the challenger was climbing the top rope, set up the champ for a Walls of Jericho submission victory.

What did you think about Hager’s interference? Would you have preferred a clean ending to Jericho versus Allin?

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