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The Rock went out of his way to praise Cody Rhodes’ go home show promo – Cageside Seats

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At his core, The Rock is still a huge pro wrestling nerd.

- Hirdetés -

Despite working on 40 different TV projects, filming 20 different movies, building his brand on social media, working out five hours a day, and making some timely business investments, The Rock is still in tune with that’s happening in the sport of kings.

Last night on Dynamite, some industry experts called Cody Rhodes’ promo the best of his career. Encapsulating the highs and lows of his life in a single monologue, Rhodes proved why he’s one of the best babyfaces in the business right now.

Even The Rock noticed and took to Twitter to compliment Rhodes on his mic work.

Rhodes found some official Rock Under Armour apparel and responded.

The People’s Champ liked it.

What did you think of Cody Rhodes’ go home show/silver spoon promo? Overrated or underrated?

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