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Bad News About Goldberg’s WWE WrestleMania Match – Ringside News

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Goldberg will be wrestling Bray Wyatt’s Fiend for the WWE Universal Championship at Super ShowDown. The February 27th Saudi Arabian event might be the last time Goldberg will wrestle for a while.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, it was said that Goldberg doesn’t appear to be working WrestleMania at this point. This leaves Undertaker and John Cena as the big part-timers on the show of shows this year.

“I guess Goldberg isn’t going to be on the WrestleMania card so it’ll be John Cena and Undertaker as the special guests.”

This is a very interesting situation. Goldberg was reportedly being considered for a big WrestleMania match. Now that John Cena’s opponent is classified as “underwhelming,” that means Goldberg won’t be coming back so soon after Super ShowDown.

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